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How To Remove Customer Objections And Convert Service Calls With Ease

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Secret #1:

“Who Is Going To Fix This?”


Understand The THREE Fears Customers Experience, During A Service Call, And Why Those Fears Are Important To Them.

Secret #2:

“When Will This Be Fixed?”

How To Employ Effective Service Techniques To help Build Customer Trust And Begin To Ease Their Minds.

Secret #3:

“What Needs To Be Fixed?”

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate And Ticket Average Through Offering Effective Solutions.

What You Will Get From This Training Module: What Others Are Saying About This Training Module:

Bob Kellogg, WI

Plumbing Owner

Chris is off the charts great! Just finishing up with his boot camp with our technicians and office staff. It is clear he really cares about helping us succeed, he comes straight from the heart and right to the point! There is nothing he hasn’t struggled with and overcame and he leaves it all on the table. We can’t recommend this training enough!

Tom Shell, FL

Plumbing Owner

Chris is an amazing instructor. We employ his services on a weekly basis. He really cares about his clients and gives 100% to each and every session. His service over sales philosophy has really transformed my technicians into servants to our customers and community. I highly recommend his services, you won’t be sorry! 

Keith Hunt, CA

Plumbing Owner

We are very grateful for CF! He has helped the whole teams at Plumbs Up Plumbing and Drain (Tech’s/CSR’s) to better serve our clients!. We have been through several sales training seminars/courses, his training is by far the best! Thank You CF!

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